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Torquay is known as the home of surfing culture in Victoria and is world famous for its brands “Rip Curl’ and “Quicksilver” who started their amazing corporate global life in the rear of an old bakery by a couple of young inspired surfers in 1969.

Once a sleepy seaside town, Torquay has grown with the surf industry to a thriving satellite town of neighbouring city of Greater Geelong.

The beaches range from long sandy calm waters to swells battering against majestic sandstone cliffs. There are many popular activities such as nature walks, fishing, sailboarding, surfing and mountain bike riding.

The surf museum is a must see! Surf City is a fantastic array of surf shops offering everything from Bikinis to surfboards. Make sure you check out “Baines” around the side street for seconds and samples.



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Torquay, Torquay VIC 3228

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