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Surfing – Bells Beach

Bells Beach is a world renowned wave that works with a north westerly wind and a medium to low tide. It is a consistent and most of all fun wave.

There are three sections to the break, Rincon, the Bowl and Shorebreak. Often overshadowed by its neighbour “Winki”, Bells is fierce when gets big.

Rincon is better on small days with right-handers which can form into a barrel on a bigger swell.

The next section is the “Bowl” which is the fun wave. On a large swell the “Bowl” can be power packed with walls forming the odd barrel. Finally the “Shorebreak” is a heavy wave, especially in bigger swell.

Bells is the home of the Rip Curl Winter Classic, an annual event that brings thousand to watch the infamous break work its magic in the Easter swell.

Mick Fanning 2012 Bells Beach Champion

Kelly Slater vs Nic Muscroft Round 3

See what Kelly Slater had to do to beat Jan Juc local Nic Muscroft in the 2012 Rip Curl Bells Beach Classic.

Surfing – Bells Beach



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Surfing - Bells Beach, Torquay VIC 3228

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