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Otway Dinosaurs

This exhibition is now being hosted by Cape Otway Lightstation.

DINOSAURS are back in the Otways! A major science exhibition that has smashed museum attendance records around the world is now open in Apollo Bay.

It tells the story of world-first and unique discoveries in the Otways.Seen by millions of people in Taiwan, Italy, Argentina and Singapore, the exhibition is located just five minutes’ drive from Apollo Bay, and showcases the fossil record from the Great Southern Continent.

It includes fossils that span almost 3.8 billion years to the present, covering a massive range of specimens from the pin-up girl of the dinosaur world, Leaellynasaura, who was a tiny polar dinosaur discovered on the Otways coast, right through to Tarbosaurus bataar an aggressive carnivore more than 8m long.

Otway Dinosaurs

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Otway Dinosaurs, Cape Otway Lightstation, Apollo Bay VIC 3233
Phone: 03 5237 9240
Email: info@otwaydinosaurs.com

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