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London Bridge

The London Bridge is one of the most spectacular natural formations in the Port Campbell National Park. It is a key tourist attractions along the Great Ocean Road nearthe 12 Apostles in Victoria.

The arch closest to the shoreline collapsed unexpectedly on 15 January 1990, leaving two tourists stranded on the outer part until they were rescued by a helicopter. Until this time the bridge was joined to thye mainland and it was possible to walk out across both arches to the end of a ‘bridge’. Prior to the collapse, the arch was known as London Bridge because of its similarity to its namesake.

There are two viewing platforms. The upper platform is approximately 70 metres from the carpark. The lower platform is approximtely 300metres formt he carpark. Both lookouts are worth a visit.

London Bridge

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London Bridge, Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell VIC 3269

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