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Each year usually between June and September, Southern Right Whales migrate to the southern coast of Australia from the sub-Antarctic to give birth and raise their young. During this time they can be spotted right along the Great Ocean Road.

Many of the local Visitor Information Centres will fly a whale flag when there is a sighting so be sure to keep a look out!

The species can be recognised by their smooth black back and lack of dorsal fin. Their heads have a number of crusty outgrowths called callosites and sometimes irregular white patches can be found on the whales’ belly.

The average weight of the Southern Right Whale is 50 tonnes, however they can grow up to 96 tonnes. The average length of the whale is about 15 meters, but can be found up to 18 meters long.

The whales travel along the coast and chose different bays and locations in which to nurse their young. The Cape Otway Lightstation offers a great viewing outlook if whales are in the area.

Warrnambool, is known as the Southern Right Whale nursery. At Logan Beach there is a specially constructed whale viewing platform allowing visitors to view the female whales with their young. They will generally remain in the nursery for many weeks, allowing the calves to feed and gather strength for their journey back to the sub-Antarctic waters. Check with the Visitor Information Centre beforehand to to confirm whales are currently in the area.

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